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Electromagnetic bio interaction effects in everyday practice


During the day we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiations. These effects come from natural sources (e.g. lightning, meteorological phenomena, Earth’s magnetic fields, etc.) and artificial sources (e.g. telecommunications, power transmission, transport, computing, etc.). Every apartment and every workplace surrounds us with the electromagnetic “sea” generated by electrical equipments.

Our senses do not perceive this electromagnetic radiation in our everyday life, we only enjoy the services provided by technical devices, household utensils, personal electrical appliances (electric razors, hairdryers, etc.), telephones, radio, TV, radar, GPS, wireless identification devices, computers and their connections, etc. These can affect us not only through our own means of use but also from outside, into our homes and places of residence; such as high-voltage wires in the environment, roof-mounted power lines, radio and television and radiotelephones nearby, electrical cables, lifts, electricity operated means of transport (trams, trolley, railways, etc.).

These radiations have been used for a long time, but the today’s technical development intensifies the current applications. The bioelectromagnetic effect depends on the species and individuals of the targeted objects. There are positive effects, which are used in medical and cosmetic practice (such as deep warmth, [diathermy], imaging diagnostic procedures, [MRI], pain-suppressive electrical stimuli, high frequency surgical knee, electro-shock treatment, muscle consumer, etc.), or for diagnostics (like MRI, CT, PET). At the same time, the growing and intensified presence of the various kinds of electromagnetic radiations raise the question: what is the environmental risk or the health-damaging effect of this new environmental burden?

The results are still far from being sure and credible, but it can be deduced from the research that probably the stress-induced effect of electro-stimulation plays a significant role in radiation effects of the outside fields. At the same time, based on the varied adaptability of living nature, including humans, we can expect that we also adapt ourselves to this environmental burden, such as the stress factors of clothing and shoes wear in the civilized world.

There are many scientific studies and extensive series of experiments researching the phenomenon of electro smog, with separate scientific journals (Electro-Magneto-Biology, Bioelectromagnetics, etc.). Comprehensive investigations do not exclude the possibility of some unexplained nervous complaints, some chronic fatigue symptoms, musculoskeletal weakness, possibly allergic diseases, headaches, anxiety conditions, and sleep disturbances to strong electromagnetic radiation. Research results with thousands of people also suggest that electromagnetic radiation intensity in high-voltage lines and electrical equipment may be an increased risk factor for cancer and leukemia.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to give clear answers to the risk, the factors and the mechanism of health damage.

Therefore, take better care, we had developed a small hand-held device, measures an appoximative field values in wide range of frequencies (16Hz-1GHz interval), and indicating its danger level. …


The effects of passive electro smog can also influence the living objects. Such effects may appear not directly to humans, but also to its nutritional (plants, animals) or food preparation (e.g. microwave heating, some pasteurization procedures, etc.).