The mini electrosmog device developed and manufactured by XAX Kft.  It shows the presence of electro smog in a very simple way and thus the risks to electromagnetic radiation can be reduced or at least recognizable.

The sensing result depends on the position of the device and the direction of the electrical fields. By slow turn with the electro-sensing device, the detected maximum value is considered. At the maximal value stop, and do not move the device during the actual detection, improving the preciosity of the measured value.


Detection range:

  • Normal (green): below 1 mW / cm2
  • Dangerous (yellow): 1 to 5 mW / cm2
  • Emergency (red): 5 mW above cm2
  • The display flashes above 19 mW // cm2


The device also emits an optical and acoustic signal. The flashing and sound frequencies increase with growing intensity. The measured results are indicative.

Detection range: 16 Hz to 1 GHz

Sensitivity and sensory threshold and sensitivity accuracy depend on battery voltage and measured frequency.


A guide to evaluating the results


When sensing electrosmog, the electromagnetic radiation exposure of the sleeping area is particularly important for health risks. On the entire lying surface of the bed, the optical sensing indicator must be green, and the detected value should not exceed 0.5 mW / cm2. In the case of higher sensing results, the cause of electromagnetic fields or radiation should be sought, and measures should be taken to reduce the load. In most cases, it is easy to reduce the load to such an extent that the detected value remains below 0.5 mW / cm2.


For other living areas and places of work, in sitting and staying places, if we are stay there for more than one hour per day, the detected results are also within the green detection range. If the detected result is above 0.5 mW / cm2, sensitive people may experience nausea, concentration problems, headache symptoms and reduced performance based on experience. In such cases it is also worthwhile to look for and possibly eliminate the causes of electromagnetic radiation considerably higher than the average.

Often, it is merely a simple, cost- effective measure to reduce the unnecessary electro smog effect.

In living space and workplaces, however, there are often places where the optical display shows yellow. This is often unavoidable and, according to the current (not yet sufficiently substantiated) state of science, it is probably not dangerous if such an intense electromagnetic field exerts its effect only briefly. In any case, for preventive health protection, try to avoid or reduce such loads. Often, it is helpful to move away from the source of radiation, or to effect mitigation and shielding measures. If the mini electro-sensing device indicates red, electro smog may have an intense effect on the body and may cause damage to the body when it is lasting. Such effects should be avoided for safety reasons, and it is advisable to consult a specialist who will help to pinpoint the exact causes of potentially dangerous radiation exposure on this long-term effect and to mitigate impact.